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Custom Pins

Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die struck pins are quality metal pins that can be used for multiple purposes.  An excellent choice for awards of significance, recognition or promotional events.  Anything that requires a metallic pin finish or look.  Many polished and antique plating colors are available.

Diestruck pins are exactly like hard enamel pins or soft enamel pins, except without the color!  Die struck pins can be sand blasted, polished or even antiqued for additional effect.  Die struck pins are sometimes referred to as die cast pins, molded pins or diestruck pins.


The high luster and durability of Cloisonné is an ancient art that requires meticulous hand-crafted detailing. Your custom designed pin is hand-filled with colored cloisonné pastes and then kiln-fired at very high temperatures. After firing, each pin is hand-polished and plated resulting in an exquisite piece of jewelry. Production time: 15-20 business days after art approval.

Quantity 200 300 400 500 1000
Starting At 200.00 225.00 250.00 295.00 N/A
Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.20.08 PM

Soft Enamel Die Struck Pins have the highest “raised edges” of all the pin types. Soft Enamel is a liquid coloring which becomes hard after completion. Soft Enamel is popular for baseball trading pins and also business pins.

Quantity 200 300 400 500 1000
Starting At 200.00 225.00 250.00 295.00 N/A

The ancient process of striking metal coins to make a permanent image has not changed much. We use the same process, with lapel pins. There is no coloring, only the metal plating of your choice.

Enamel Colored Die Struck Pins

Enamel can be used on die struck pins to give them a vibrant color filling.

Quantity 200 300 400 500 1000
Starting At 200.00 225.00 250.00 295.00 N/A

Vinyl Banners

  • Price Per Square foot


Before placing your order, it’s a good idea to view and decide on the following detail options. There is no extra charge for these.

Grommets – provide a convenient method for hanging or attaching the banner at regular points. This distributes the weight and helps to keep the banner from sagging.

Hems – Hemmed edges are typically used to reinforce the sides of the vinyl banners, helping maintain the banner’s shape and prevent stretching. This is particularly helpful when grommets are used. .

Pole Pockets – Pole Pockets allow for rigid poles or dowels to be inserted along the edges of the banner. This allows for a more even distribution of the banner’s weight to prevent sagging. Opposing pole pockets can also be used to make the banners more rigid.

Wind Slits – If you choose this option, we will cut small half-circles into your banner to cut down on wind resistance. This feature is perfect for outdoor banners, as it helps to prevent twisting and flapping in the wind.